Discuss topics and learn in small and safe groups

Join people like you to discuss and learn in groups of up to 5 people. You can also start new groups for others to discover.

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Talk in small groups, away from the crowds

Chats happen between 5 people in a group. Once all the members join, the group is full and closed to new members.

Discover groups you can trust

Swipe or search to find groups you like and preview recent messages before you join. Then introduce yourself to join. 

Member introductions are like icebreakers to kick off a chat.

It's easy to start groups you care about

To create a new group, just share a link and your point of view. Once created, others can search or discover the group to preview it.

Discuss interests safely or get accountability to learn.

IRL, you don’t talk about most things in public. With Interestly, you can discuss interests in small groups, and get accountability to learn any skill.

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Get early access

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